1. Summary
We do not sell your data!
We handle your data extremely carefully and only need and use it to properly fulfill the contract concluded with you.

2. Introduction
This privacy policy expressly refers only to the collection, use, storage, and transmission of data that we also have influence over. We expressly point out that for comprehensive information about the use of your data in connection with cooperation with us, it is necessary to read the privacy policy of Google, Bing, and other communication and transaction service providers.

3. Definitions
For the explanation of the terms used here, reference is made to Art. 4 GDPR.

4. Contact details of the responsible parties
You can reach those responsible for data collection at the following contact:
Please provide your contact details including telephone number and email address here.

5. Minors
If you wish to agree to this privacy policy, a minimum age of 16 years is required. If you have not reached this age yet, consent, i.e., prior approval, to this statement by your legal guardians is absolutely necessary. Subsequent consent to this statement is not possible.

6. Legal basis
Interference with your rights to the protection of your personal data requires a legal basis. We disclose these to you.
We collect, use, store, and transmit data based on Art. 6 para. 1 b) GDPR because the processing of your data is necessary to fulfill a contract or
to carry out a pre-contractual measure taken at your request, of which you are or will be a party.

7. Purpose, nature, and scope of data collection and use
We want to inform you about the purpose, nature, and scope of data collection and use.
The purpose, nature, and scope of the collection and use are within the framework necessary to achieve the purpose. Only personal data that is appropriate is processed. If the data is no longer needed to achieve this purpose, we will delete it. We expressly point out that it may be necessary to retain individual data segments for several years as part of tax record-keeping obligations, for example, if this data is on invoices. To the extent that this is appropriate and legally possible for us, we anonymize the collected data. Furthermore, we also account to you in the appropriate scope by documenting the processes related to your data.

We only use your data to respond to the inquiries you have made. The collection of data is limited to those that you submit as part of a contact request via the contact form included on the website. The data collected in this way will be deleted at the latest after your request has been answered, unless there are legal reasons against deletion.

The recipients of your data are, on the one hand, us, the persons responsible for data collection. On the other hand, we use third parties to fulfill our tasks, who can also become recipients of your data to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose. These third parties can be:

Service providers that we use for the consultancy of our company (tax consultants, lawyers, among others),

Service providers used for communication with you and third parties.

The company through which we host our website, whose databases we use for the storage of the information illustrated on the website, and partly also for communication with you, is known under the following names:


You can also find the privacy policies of these companies on the company websites, unless they are already known to you. For a comprehensive assessment of your data usage, we recommend that you also inform yourself at the relevant communication service providers.

8. Cookies
You can also use this website without consent to our cookie policy. The website always uses “essential cookies.” We need your consent to use “non-essential cookies” in order to use all services of our website (including those from third parties), to improve our website, to enhance your user experience, and to reduce our marketing costs.

You can revoke your consent at any time.

The legal basis for the use of essential cookies is Art. 6 para. f) GDPR, unless a more specific regulation applies. For the use of non-essential cookies (after your consent), the exclusive legal basis is Art. 6 para. a) GDPR.

Cookies are files in text form. These are sent by our website to your web browser and your end device. They are stored on your device as soon as your browser loads our website.

We differentiate between permanent cookies and temporary cookies. As the names already suggest, the permanent cookies remain stored on your device and are sent back to us when you reload the website in your browser. Whereas the temporary cookies, also called session cookies, are deleted at the end of your session.

We can also divide cookies by categorizing them as first-party and third-party cookies. In the case of the former, the information you provide us does not leave our domain. In the case of third-party cookies, the corresponding third party also receives the selected information. You can find out who the third party is in this sense in the preceding section (7.).

9. Your rights
We also want to inform you that you have the right to request information about the status of your data with us at any time and free of charge. You can also request the correction and deletion of your data, provided that this does not jeopardize mandatory retention periods. If you request the deletion of your data, we will also ensure that this request is forwarded to the entities to which we had to pass on your data to fulfill the purpose of collection.

You can revoke your consent to this privacy policy at any time, informally and without giving reasons. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities if you have concerns about the security of your data. However, we hope that you will first contact us if you have any questions.

10. Transparency
If we ever plan to change the purpose of your data collection and use, we will inform you about this in a timely manner.

11.Handling of data breaches
We work extremely carefully and reliably. However, if your data is nevertheless unauthorizedly disclosed to third parties, we will inform you and the competent supervisory authority immediately, unless there is an absolute risk of violating your rights and freedoms.

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